Commercial Photography

Leadership Through Product.

Pen Line Studios defines commercial photography as any pictures/photos that are intended for the use in commerce or prepared mainly for sale.

Commercial Photography

With the invention of the image sensor and then the development of the digital camera, photography has grown into an accessible hobby for some people and a viable business for others. This accessibility has its good and bad points, good in that there is development and growth in photography, bad in that any Tom, Dick, and Harry can buy a camera, some accessories, then he/she calls themselves a photographer. Photography is a practical trade, but its foundations are made up of theory and practice; where each technique needs to be learned and mastered over time. The techniques become second nature, allowing the photographer to focus on the job at hand. Pen Line Studios can assist the client in deciding which image is most appropriate for their purpose. A professional also understands that the photo that will sell the product most effectively is not necessarily the photo that is the most technically sound. Pen Line Studios caters to small to medium business owners that need photos for marketing, advertising, catalogues, annual reports, and portraits of their employees, and don't need large advertising agencies to handle their marketing needs.

Catalogues /Advertising

The ever changing marketplace has replaced the need for high street shop premises with online shops. Feet have been replaced with hits and likes; your shelves are now catalogue pages that need to be filled with photos of your products; your till is now the checkout page; and your packets are now the postal services that you use. This is not a new statement, but merely an echo of the current marketplace we as business owners find ourselves in. Time is the single most important commodity business owners have and there is never enough of it. The demands on our time are ever growing, and in order to cope we need to lean on friends and family for emotional support and know when to ask for help. To run a business well you need to make the most of the time you have available to you, out-sourcing skills you do not need on a daily basis. Pen Line Studios can assist you in your photographic needs, saving you valuable time and money, as it takes time to create a perfect image and photographic equipment is expensive.
The ten free replacement photos are designed for retailers who have fast moving products that get discontinued and replaced with new versions. The retailer cannot sell the new version of the product under the old version's image. Pen Line Studios recognises the difficulties that retailers face. the ten free replacement photos work as such: a Client will place an order for one of the packages that have the ten free replacement photos, and on completion of the job the ten free replacement photos activates and is valid for 90 days. Within this period, if any of the client's products are discontinued, the client simply brings the new version of the product back to us and we will photograph it f