Impressionistic Photography

Impressionist movement started in Paris in the 1800s and has carried on into the present day. The characteristics of impressionism have not changed through the years. These characteristics include: The accurate depiction of light and the momentary and transient effects of light within the composition; Showing the passage of time through movement within the image, by choosing unusual viewpoints; Studying ordinary subject matter, while Post Impressionism studied real-life subject matter; compositions that are open and poses that are candid; and the use of geometric forms with vivid colours that can be stretched to the unnatural.

If one asks the question, "How new is photography to the Impressionist style?” you will get a heated debate. On one side there are those that say photography has been there since the beginning of Impressionism. On the other side there are those that say it is a new medium; I am on this side, Impressionistic photography is a new medium, since there is very little information on the subject, and you get a feeling of anything goes. For me, Impressionistic photography is a breath of fresh air, as it allows me to truthfully express myself.